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Centri Article 15 album cover
Centri Article 15 MP3 Download

 Take a journey from the sidelines of basic training to the front lines of personal growth and hear the Story of a Rebel acquiring Knowledge. It's a true narrative reflected in the military career of the Black Patriot and Lyrical Terrorist Centri. His first solo album is a must for anyone who craves real hip hop, hot raps and wants ALL LIES REVEALED!

Centri Article 15 MP3 $8.95 USD

DUV 10: Chaos Legion I & II MP3 Download

 The Chaos Legion albums I and II combined as a single download containing MP3s and cover artwork.
25 Tracks total with single album artwork covers included. Bonus tracks Robot Citadel remix (from Dynamic Universe Volume 6: Doctor Atomics and the Fortress of Solitude) and Silicone City revisited also included.

Dynamics Plus Chaos Legion I & II MP3 $14.95 USD

Dynamic Universe Volume 10: Chaos Legion I

 The Dynamics Plus drops a concept album.
The Chaos Legion. This is our campaign. "We are liberators; the vanguard ace. The last sentinels of peace and freedom. We will wage war to topple kingdoms and change the fate of nations. We will redraw the map of our world. Follow me to the very ends of Alternate Earth."

Dynamics Plus Chaos Legion I $8.95 USD
Product ID: DM09DUV101

Dynamic Universe Volume 10: Chaos Legion II

 The Lenzmen Dynamics Plus returns in Chaos Legion II.
His Army of Outcast Soldiers on a bloody campaign of Vengeance and Conquest. Fall of the Wizard's Tower. The combination of Science Fiction and Hip Hop. Dynamics Plus the Futuristic Emcee that knows no lyrical boundaries.

Dynamics Plus Chaos Legion II $8.95 USD
Product ID: LMCD-V2001-02

Lenzmen Album 2: Scientific Community and Magnify Lenz
 The most recent release from Dynamica Music is available now!
The formula is simple: Combine wordplay, sick flows, next-level beats, creative production and... The entire Lenzmen Cadre!
Congratulations to Dynamics Plus, Doctor Strange, Centri and Earthadox.."    - Dynamics Plus 2005

  Listen to album tracks Masterpiece and 110 Cosmic Transmission.
Lenzmen Album 2: Scientific Community: Magnify Lenz $10.00 USD
Product ID: LMCD-V2001-02

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Doctor Atomics and The Fortress Of Solitude
 Another incredible release from Dynamica Music is available now!
  Listen to a special medley here or watch a teaser video here.

  "I am very proud of this album and feel fortunate to be able to have
 both Doctor Strange and Centri support my solo efforts.
 It's a special blessing to have talented artists like Shea and Sonya Wilder enhance my
 album with their voices and embrace the vision I wanted to convey.
 If you've never heard of me before- this album makes a great entry
 point into the Dynamic Universe and if you have- you won't be disappointed.
 I'm still sick with the scientific Hip Hop."    - Dynamics Plus 2005

Dynamics Plus Album: Doctor Atomics/Fortress Of Solitude $10.00 USD
Product ID: 0604117612

 This is Doxology. This is The Earthadox.
He is Lenzmen number four. He is Down to Earth in an unorthodox way. This is a collection of the Lenz linguistics featuring the full-length EPs Deadly Lyricist from the Underground and Mind Rotating Glock. It's Cyborg Terror with multiple personalities. First was Earthadox and then Ultradox. In the end Syntaxxx activates and Hypnosis arrives to dominate! 18 Tracks total. Produced by Dynamics Plus.
This is a digital download. You will be receiving a zip file with MP3s and album artwork.
Doxology $8.95 USD

 The solo album from Dynamics Plus is available
Features 17 tracks of pure, scientific Hip Hop.
Volume four is the combination of two complimentary projects...
The Run From The Fallout EP and Dynamic Forces In Motion.

  "I think it made perfect sense to combine them. They were made so close together
and really, sprang from such a singular mind set- it just made sense. I had to explore the union between producer and artist, beat maker and rhymer. I don't care what anyone says. There's just a special kind of thing that happens when you wear both hats and can really match up a concept with a track. It's more than just digging through a rhyme book and seeing what sounds hot with what. Songs like Closed Captioned and STACI have to spring from the same creative pool and be made to exist in parallel."     - Dynamics Plus 2004

*This album is also available as a Direct MP3 Download with Album Artwork included.

Read the review here and listen To Clips :S.T.A.C.I. and Retro-Active.
Dynamics Plus Album: Run From The Fallout $9.99 USD
Product ID: 8496010012

 The Lenzmen album 01: Bend and Blur Your Optics has been restored from the Fallout Shelter archives. Experience the early recordings from the Lyrically Enhanced Scientists; Dynamics Plus, Doktor Strange, Centri and Earthadox. Absorb the Phrase Razor paragraphs slicing over cutting-edge beats. This is timeless raps from a cadre of hip hop scientists.
Album sold as a Digital Download containing MP3s, a song listing and cover art.
Lenzmen Album 01: Bend and Blur Your Optics $8.95 USD

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